Pardon the dust..I'm remodeling

by Peter Marus

Hope you like the slight modifications to the blog, if you don't that's you're problem now isn't it!!!

Tonight spent my time online talking to people, having a great conversation with someone, but had to cut it short so she could get her work done. After, went onto and played a few hands with some guys form the message board. I was doing OK (the guys I played with lent me money too, had me up to $3000 at the start of the game, usually I start with 1000), but in the end I got hustled, but it was cool meeting some of the people that post there.

Also today picked up THE football game of the year, NFL 2k5 for the PS2....for $20 you get a game that makes Madden's latest look like something from back in the Sega Genesis days!!! and for 20 bucks, you have nothing to lose (as apposed to 50 for Madden). Only thing is that some of the stadiums aren't fully accurate (some have grass where they really have fieldturf, some have the astroturf where in real life the have fieldturf), but other than that it's a great game.