went to a weddin'

by Peter Marus

i'm listing what happened for simplicity sake:

1. my cousin downed at least half a bottle of Pepto, he was kind of nervous

2. Me, my cousin, and his nephew (ring bearer) were in a limo for like 10 people with a bar in it

3. we didn't touch the bar, too nervous and didn't want to spill anything on the tuxes

4. Had a couple drinks before the wedding, hey they offered!!!

5. Damn, the Bride's maid was smoking in her dress!!!

6. The bride looked great, first time I've seen her with her hair up in any way

7. HAHAHA my cousin screwed up the vows....what an assclown!!!

8. I love my family, at the end of the ceremony, his wife had to sign the licence, and all I heard from my relatives was "shes signing the pre-nup!" I thought that was funny..

9. Thank God I took dance classes at college, need it today...

10. Amazing what genius I'm capable of under pressure....my toast apparently touched people's hearts...but then again, whens the last time someone has gone up to the best man and said "man that toast sucked!!!"

11. It was nice to see all the family again, sad we only get together rarely

12. Her family's all cool with me, they were real nice and all. Plus it helps that my cousin gushes about me all the time to them, which made being this best man even more of an honor! Also put some more pressure on me to get my act together!!!!

I may have forgot a lot of stuff, but that probably because of the long day. It was a beautiful day, with beautiful people, in a beautiful place. and I was glad to be a part of it