Sports Sunday

by Peter Marus

WOO HOOO!!!! Penn State kicked the hell out of Ohio State last night!!!! That puts them undefeated overall, and the only undefeated school in the Big Ten.  It feels so good to hear the hack analysts who kept bashing PSU all week, saying that they couldn’t hang with the Buckeyes, (and what the hell is a buckeye anyway??) go on TV and try to make it seem that they gave PSU a chance after all.  The only bad thing is that I wish I was up there to see the game.  

After watching the PSU game, I turned to the Metro-DC tape delayed match.  I was expecting a nightmare.  I did get to see a nightmare of a field (but coming form a nightmare of a stadium it doesn’t’ surprise me).  The baseball infield was sodded over, but halfassed.  The ball wouldn’t bounce on it, due to all the water in the sod, so it made for a horrible playing field.  Shockingly, Metro pulled off a 2-1 victory thanks to a great winning goal by Youri Djorkief from over 20 yards out.   This means the Metro can still make the playoffs if they can win against Chivas USA next week.  I still don’t get it how this team can still be in the playoff hunt.  On the other hand, the US lost to Costa Rica also last night, but that game really meant nothing more than a on-field test to see some of the US players that might have a chance of making the team.  

Today I got to see some of the Jets game, and it’s good to see that they have a running game, because Vinnie couldn’t carry the team if he needed to.  I still wonder why Vinnie was called in?  What happened, Neil O’Donnell wasn’t available?  Overall today, I didn’t’ do too bad on my football picks (I’m involved with a ESPN “Pigskin Pick ‘em” league), and I think I got about 70% of my picks so far, I still have to check that out.  I’m doing Ok in the league, but I could do better.  

Nothing much else happening in my life, so I’ll leave this entry at that.