friday afternoon thoughts

by Peter Marus

Damn I love the Blowhard. I just heard him on Ron and Fez and he really went off on some of the hicks that called in (like this one moron in Iowa that was blabbering on about 9/11, and the blowhard went off and put him in his place).  It’s nice to hear one caller agree with him, and the next call him an asshole.  I can’t stress how good of a blog the man does, and if you don’t read it at least once a day, you’re missing out on some good thought provoking stuff.  

I’m going to the digilife convention tomorrow with my cousin.  I can’t wait to go see the new electronics and hi-tech gadgets.  I also want to see what free crap I can get.  I really want to see if the XM booth is giving out anything, and I will be the ass that goes “As a subscriber, I demand to get something free.  I am a fancy subscribing person and I deserve something!!”.  I also want to see if any of the new game systems are going to be there, especially the new Sony system, since that looks like it has the most potential (not ot mention I am a Sony person, and my PS3 games are supposed to work with the PS3).

That’s all I got right now, I may write something more tonight.