Digital life

by Peter Marus

I went to the Digital live convention in NYC today.  I t wasn’t that bad, I expected more.  I also now know why these things are usually not open to the public, because the public are savages!!!  It was really crowded, and a lot of the people were just standing around.  I didn’t’ like that they had all these game tournaments, but since the convention was put on by a company that publishes gaming magazines, it’s ok.  I hoped to see more about the Xbox 360, but Microsoft (who had a hell of a booth area) only was showing the promo video they have ran at other conventions and I found online somewhere.  I really liked what Tivo showed, especially the newer recorder with the DVD burner.  In all honestly, if I were to get one of these type recorders, I would get it through Time Warner as part of the digital cable package.  It’s cheaper than Tivo, and I don’t’ have to worry about having to get a new Tivo every couple years (which Tivo is known to do by making their service only really work well for newer products from what I hear)

The only bad thing was at the XM booth.  I found out that at the event, they were selling XM2Go receivers (the portable ones) for $129 at the show and only at the show, which is more than half off.  I almost cried when I saw/heard that, since I’ve wanted one of these things since I got XM (the roady2 works for me but it sucks, and I would like to have XM when I go out on my walks), but I don’t have the money for it!!!  My cousin’s wife asked if I could charge it on my credit card, but I don’t have one.  I’m glad I don’t now, since this would be the perfect type of “impulse buy” that would put me into debt!!!  Who knows, maybe after this week I’ll have a job (interview Monday, pray for me peeps), or maybe a wealthy benefactor could just happen to leave me the money for one of the XM2go receivers.  

Well the dream of 11-0 is now over.  Penn State lost to Michigan tonight, but they did pretty damn good up to the last play.  I didn’t’ expect them to win tonight, but it was nice to see that they can hang with some of the best.  What did make me smile was that Notre Dame lost tonight, and whenever they lose, the world is right.

That’s all I got tonight, I’m off to weep about the XM thing….