today was a good day

by Peter Marus

Man I love this time of the year.  Women dress their sexiest in my opinion.  I love it when women wear dresses skirts and a blouse, not miniskirts, but nice skirts or dresses and the knee-high boots.  I don’t know why I find that type of ensemble sexy and attractive, maybe the “leaving something to the imagination” thing.  Ladies, want to get my attraction? Wear something like that and I will notice you.

I got an assignment finally.  It’s at an IT staffing firm in downtown Manhattan.  I start tomorrow, and I believe it lasts only this week, maybe more.  No problem, it’s money and something to put on my resume.  I also had an interview with a nice scam today.  It was one of those “Direct marketing” places, where you’re a door-to-door salesman.  These places are the ones with the ads up constantly on Monster, or, because they burn through employees so fast.  They make the job seem like a “management trainee” position, but that happens after you are ran into the ground, living off some piss-poor commission and if you are up their standards, you get brainwashed into their system.  Thank god they didn’t call me back to go for a second interview, I wouldn’t want to go there again, I felt so dirty in there!!!!

I hate it when I’m not the reason something went bad.  I am in the right about this situation I have been involved with for almost a year, and I am pissed off that I don’t’ know how to handle that.  Usually I’m in the wrong and at least there I can go “Ok, I did this wrong, and now I know not to do that in this situation.”   It does suck, but maybe I can move onto bigger and better from it, or maybe this situation will pan out to be beneficial for me and I get what I was hoping to get out of the whole arrangement.  Maybe I can go into detail about the whole thing in the future, but right now I have no desire to and I really don’t want to open up some fresh scars.