i'm still here, just been busy

by Peter Marus

Well it’s been a while since I made another entry.  I have been busy though.  Last week I was working actually.  I was downtown by Wall St. working as a data entry guy for an IT staffing firm (Ironic that a staffing firm would call another for a temp).  It wasn’t that bad of a gig, and the people seemed cool, other than the night I was accused of not doing my job at all (which was later proven otherwise, I spent two damn days on one project and proved it was done).  So I got 4 days of work there in the end, and should be getting some nice cash back this week (don’t’ know when I’ll get it, either tomorrow or later this week).  By the way, my resume is updated and shows what I did.

Good thing it’s coming in too.  I had some car problems this weekend, which later turned out to be my dirty fuel injectors and me being a jackass and forgetting to get a tune up.  Other than that nothing really happening.  I’m enjoying Metro doing well in the playoffs, and I might travel to Foxboro and se the second leg of the playoff round this Saturday, but that depends on when I get paid.  I’ve actually been happy this week, especially after some things were cleaned up in my personal life, and things seem to be getting better.  I have to cal my temp agency rep tomorrow, so maybe I’ll have a job lined up soon.

Later all