Tonight's thoughts (and a plug)

by Peter Marus

First, my column for

Now, I had an interview today for an HR position at Macys in Midtown.  Hopefully I did better than how I think I did

Hockey’s back baby!!! This is the first time I am able to watch hockey (years of that bullshit “grab and clutch” style really killed the sport).  The Rangers have gotten 3 of the first 4 points they could, and this team has a lot of potential.  This is the first Ranger team that has played entertaining hockey, and has something the other teams didn’t have in the past decade….HEART!!!!!!

Ah my metros, how many ways can you just piss away points???  They did it last night in injury time to get one point, where they were in shape to get three.  Also didn’t help when their star striker gets a retarded Red card for losing his cool, and now cant’ play against the Scum Saturday, where Metro may FINALLY be eliminated form the playoff run and ends this clusterfuck of a season….

That’s all I got tonight, go back you your lives people