interviews, but nothing more from them

by Peter Marus

I had my interview this past week in Astoria, and other than the fact that Mapquest SUCKS and almost caused me to be late for my interview, I think it went well.  Mapquest had the building I was supposed to go to on the wrong side of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, and once I got that solved, I was able to park and make it to this office for my interview just in time.  It was for an assistant position to the sales department for an elevator installation/repair firm.  It’s not that bad of a place and it’s a temp-to-perm job, so if I get it I would possible get hired by them assuming I don’t screw up in the probationary period.  I may hear about if I got the job or another interview with them this week.

Monday morning, I have an interview with an investment firm at 666 5th Ave. for a temp assignment.  Nice address huh?  Well it doesn’t seem like a bad assignment, just that it’s 2 weeks.  But hey, it’s money if I get it.  After that interview, I hope to come home to a package I’ve been waiting for all week. (I should have gotten it Friday, but the holiday pushed it back to Monday).  I would be happy to get it.  

Other than that, there’s nothing else much going on here.  I’m just hoping to save up enough money to get people some nice gifts this year.  I got my new checking account all set up and soon I may set up a savings account with ING Direct.   It sucks that I don’t’ have a steady job so I can save up money to buy things for people, but I guess I have to make do with what I got.  

That’s all for tonight.  I got to get up early for this interview.