Another assignment done, another check coming in

by Peter Marus

Well I just got done with another temp assignment today.  I was working as a filer/mover for an investment firm in midtown.  I did all my work so well and fast I was done with my assignment one day early.  The only bad ting is that I won’t get paid for this work until next week.  

Speaking of money, Debit cards are nice, but I found that Yahoo Small Business doesn’t like them.  I used my card to purchase something and Yahoo has this thing of looking like it’s drawing twice as much money out of your account, but it’s really not.  It did this to me at this store, and wouldn’t’ let my buy what I wanted.  I had to call my bank and have the store send permission to release my money so I could take it out of my account.  This should all be done with by tomorrow-a week after all this started.  I’m going back to the store to get what I wanted, but this time I’m paying cash!!! (Something everyone should do anyway-credit cards suck!!!).  I still like Debit cards, just don’t use them with anything Yahoo Related!!!!!

ON a note about banks, I’m looking to change banks now, because my bank isn’t huge and my bank still charges me a lot in surcharges.  I’m also looking for the first time into savings accounts as well (I usually only had a checking account).  I’m looking at ING Direct’s online account (they have a nice APY due to low operating costs), but I wouldn’t open it until I get a new checking account.  I’m looking at Washington Mutual, but I’m looking at others as well.

Other than that things are going well for me.  My car’s running fine, and now that I’m getting some more money in (and after paying to get my car I am shocked I have some left!!) I’m treating myself to something nice, which goes back to my debit card thing!!!  I hope to get what I wanted tomorrow, but who knows.  Maybe if I have time, I’ll show it off.

That’s all I got now…sad isn’t it??!?!!?