this is all I got tonight

by Peter Marus

So what’s new?  Not much in my world.  I am still looking for work, and I have a potential thing Monday afternoon with NY Life.  I am still waiting to hear from my temp agency, but that’s no big deal.  I don’t know why I am writing this tonight, but I thought It would be good to get something out.  I hate this time of year, more for the fact that I’m flat broke and I hate that my gift buying budget is really small.  Hopefully I get another paycheck or two and that will help make things better.

How about Penn State??? BCS bowl big, Big Ten title…things can’t get any better.  Just think, PSU is one second away from being in the National title picture…damn Wolverines!!!  My mom is happy about Notre Dame (they are the Irish and all, and she is Irish).  The Fighting Irish…you know, the team full of blacks and Samoans and ran by a German????

If you’re not watching “Family Guy” and “American Dad”, you’re missing out of some great comedy.  The past couple weeks are really great, especially the “Family Guy” episode about the FCC.  

That’s all I got…sorry it’s not up to my usual high level of craptacular!!!