what's going on with me you ask?? I"m sure you're all dying to know

by Peter Marus

So what’s new? Not much in my life.  I got an interview in Astoria tomorrow afternoon.  I’m not really feeling the company so far, but I’ll see what happens tomorrow.  I still haven’t heard back for my other temp agency, but I hope to talk to someone there tomorrow when I go get my check (assuming I can get there to get my check, I have no clue how long this interview is going to go).  If I can get my check in time, I hope to get to the bank where I plan on opening a new checking account with it.  It’s one of those free checking accounts, which is better than my current one where they put a bunch of surcharges on my account.

I had another interview this afternoon, but it was with CNBC.  No it’s not a job interview (wish it was though, sort of want to get back into TV).  It was with someone from there about Satellite radio.  They want to do a piece on why so many people are migrating to Satellite radio and not listening to terrestrial radio anymore.  I said I left terrestrial radio due to the politics (bias in the programming), and the editing/censorship of music and talk.  I also mentioned the fact that I don’t’ have to hear 10+ minute blocks of commercials (where a lot of the commercials are shown several times in the same block) is another great bonus (longest break for O&A or R&F is 6 minutes tops).  We talked about my listening habits, and why I chose to pay to listen to radio.  It was a “research phase” interview, and I may be used in the piece, and even on camera!!!!

Anyone happen to notice the college football rankings?  It’s so nice to see Penn State in the top 10; it makes everything feel right in the world.  Speaking of Football, to all the Eagles fans out there…..


I had to laugh to see the mess T.O. caused with your team.  I’m glad you guys finally did something about the whiny little bitch, now if someone could put a muzzle on his ass of a an agent, things would be great.  If I were a client of the agent, I’d drop him; why would I want my name associated with the man representing T.O., and is making his reputation and credibility go down the toilet all for his 10%.

That’s all I got for now, at least that’s what I on my mind right now.