one transit strike story

by Peter Marus

I had such a sucky day.  First I had an interview in Manhattan (really a waste of time since I already interviewed with this company for a temp job and my agency sent me there anyway).  Usually getting to the interview isn't a big deal, I'd take the train into Manhattan and be right there.  Well since the ENTIRE transit system is on strike that is out of the question.  So to get to this interview, I had my mom drive me as far as she could to the bridge closest to where I had to go (they stop cars that don’t have 4 or more in them to lessen traffic) and I had to walk over the bridge on the pedestrian/bicycle lane and then the half-mile in Manhattan to where I was supposed to go.  I was lucky that someone needed another person in their car to get over the bridge so I get a ride into Manhattan.  I go to the interview, find out it was a waste of time, then walk back to Queens.  At some point I call my mom to meet me not to far from the bridge.  So for a whole 5 minutes of an "interview", I got a huge blister on my foot and my arthritic ankle is killing me!Then when I get home, I call my temp agency to tell them how much they screwed up, and I find out that someone else was handling my account (the person I usually talk to was out), and they didn't see I already was sent to the company I had to meet with today.  Of course I don’t get an apology, just someone telling me that I should have noticed I already went to the company (which was over a month ago-and I had other things to worry about).  I didn’t get into it with them, since I really don't want to burn the bridge with them considering they have gotten me consistent assignments.

In other things going on in my life, I found on Myspace a bunch of people I went to high school with, and I’m shocked they all remembered me! So that’s been pretty cool to find out that I’m not the only one that uses Myspace.  I still haven’t really found a good use for Myspace yet, other than pimping this out to my “friends” (603 and counting), but I hear you can get laid easy on it. I haven’t really explored that part. I do know that a lot of my favorite comics and bands have pages on it and they can get the work out about shows and stuff, so that’s pretty sweet.  On top of it, a lot of the Opie and Anthony “pest” (fans of the show that are also members of and Ron and Fez fans are on the site as well, and it’s cool to be in a “community with them.