My day Tuesday

by Peter Marus

Here’s a pic of me with Ron and Fez. I got to meet them in their studio on Tuesday. I went there with Photoshop Mike form He had made stickers and T-shirts that said “Fez Whatley has a posse”. It is an homage to Fez’s favorite wrestler Andre the Giant. It’s a funny looking sticker/T-shirt, and the guys like it.

It started with me meeting Mike in Flushing to go to Manhattan where the XM radio Studios are. We get there and as soon as we got through the door to XM, Master Po (a master of martial arts and security dude for XM and their talent) jumps up and says, “Can I help you Gentlemen?” We tell him why we are there and he takes our Ids and starts to process us. After about 20 minutes of waiting and filling out releases, we are allowed into the main part of XM’s offices/studios. We sit in front of the studio of Ron and Fez, and we get to see them do their show. We don’t really get to interact with Ron and Fez during the show (then they were on their 6 minute breaks, they were busy with show stuff and we didn’t want to interrupt them). I must say that when we were sitting there, the people there were real gracious and nice to us. They made sure we had what we needed and treated us well.

The Last 20 or so minutes of the show we got to sit in with Ron and Fez. Mike explained the shirts and gave them each one shirt and a bunch of stickers. I sat there quiet and didn’t’ say anything, since I didn’t’ want to jump in and look a like a moron. After the show was done, I gave Ron and Fez what I brought for them; a couple cigars for Ron and Oreo cookies for Fez (he loves them). We got to talk to them after the show was over and got pictures and some things signed. We were also each given bags filled with XM 202 stuff. I got an O&A shirt, some WOW stickers, and some other stuff (I decided to give my cousin the shirt and some of the stickers, since his birthday was this week…at least I plan when I see him).

Overall it was a nice time, though I wish to have gotten to talk to everyone more, but they had things to do during and after the show and I didn’t want to screw up their show or whatever. Who knows maybe I’ll get to be in studio again, but I am not going to force myself in. I was just happy I was allowed as much access as I was.

Other things going on….well I still have no job. I had a couple calls about interviews with agencies (I have one Monday afternoon), and I was supposed to hear about an assignment that was supposed to start today, but I never heard back from the rep. at that agency. I had been offered another run at the Altman Group, but they wouldn’t let me do day shift so I had to turn it down because I can’t do that night shift. Nothing else is going on really. I am still feeling a lot of stress and pressure on myself, but a lot of people tell me that it’s all in my head. Well, no shit, I know that I put a lot of things on my shoulders, and I do that to make sure that I try to stay focused.

That’s all I got now.