Who I think is hall of fame worthy

by Peter Marus

Today I’m going to talk about the Rock and Roll Hall of fame nominees that came out the other day.  I’m sure Blowhard (still one of the best blogs I read/comment on daily) will read this and probably explode when he reads my ideas as to why certain people are being put in, but that’s always fun to read/listen to (like when he and Ron of the “Ron and Fez” show goes at it on the air when it comes to music).  

Lets get to the list:

John Mellencamp I think should be in due to the fact that his music seems more “real” when you put it up against Springsteen (AKA the biggest fraud in music in my eyes, that should be another entry).  I like Mellencamp (or Cougar or whatever the hell he used to call himself during his career) and his music, and I’m sure it has influence many musicians (even if they don’t admit it)

Miles Davis is a hell of a Jazz musician, but Jazz is a different animal than rock and roll, so I wouldn’t put him in.  His music has been the basis of some rock songs, but I don’t’ think Jazz fits in the idea of rock and roll.

Cat Stevens also shouldn’t be put ni the rock and roll hall of fame, I think his music is great and all, but not rock and roll.  It’s more contemporary, “lite” music than rock.

Ok, this is where Blowhard’s hear will explode somewhere in Brooklyn.  I think Rap groups should be allowed into the hall of fame (at least those from the early days and any modern group not from the “dirty south” or pop acts like Eminem and 50 cent).  Rap is punk, as in both were an aggressive form of music that questioned the status quo and the industrialization of the music industry.  Rock and rap need each other to grow and develop.  Many rap groups admit to be into rock music, and I wish more rock groups and mucisians would admit that they like rap too.  This is why I feel Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five and acts like them should be allowed into the rock and roll hall of fame.  

Blondie, along with punk rock acts the Patti Smith Group, the Sex Pistols and the Stooges should not even be questioned as to why they all deserve to be in the hall of fame.  Any band that has their name and “CBGB” put together in the same sentence should go straight to the hall.  Like Rap, these bands were the ones that made corporate radio/record labels change how they look at talent and how music is made.  I also think that Black Sabboth, and Lynard Skinard should also be allowed in as much as these bands.  They changed the face of music, and opened the doors to real rock music, not what the industry “thought” rock should be.

The other nominees are 1960s beat group Dave Clark Five, Boston-area blues-rockers J. Geils Band, dance masters Chic and Texans Joe Tex, and the Sir Douglas Quintet.  All but the J. Geils band in my opinion shouldn’t be put in.  They really don’t fit with the idea of rock and roll.  This is the major reason why a lot of people don’t’ really pay attention to the hall of fame, most of the people put in are for PC reasons and have no business going in.   Then again, the people who choose who goes in and who doesn’t are the same scum that make people listen to crap bands, and only allow the people in that they either couldn’t control, try to claim they helped “create” them, or made a bunch of money off the “clone” bands they created or found.