a new year, hopefully a new outlook for me

by Peter Marus

I am writing this on New Years day and it just turned New Years day (happy new years for all).  I don’t celebrate it really, I have no need to.  Even if I wanted to celebrate it this year, I couldn’t.  The past several weeks I have been having back problems, and the past couple day sit has gotten really worse.  It was at the point where I almost pissed myself getting out of bed, the pain was so bad.  SO for the past couple days wearing a back belt my dad had, and using some Icy Hot, it has gotten a little better.  It still hurts like hell and I can barely bend down, but it’s a lot better than it was the other day.

I think the problem is that my mattress is so old and worn out.  It’s been a long time since I replaced it, so I may have to do that soon.  If this doesn’t get better I'll have to force myself to go to the doctor.  

Other than that things haven’t been bad.  I have been down a lot due to the holidays and just the stress of how the entire year had turned out as far as my personal, financial, and emotional status.  The back thing has really not helped at all.  In fact sine I have been in pain from it, all these other things have came up and I have been trying to work myself through it all.  

Tomorrow should be cool. I’m going to my Aunts house for dinner, and they all cook well.  I am interested in seeing who (if any) will also show up.  Hopefully it will just be the relatives I can stand, and not the savages I wish weren’t related to me.  The good thing is that my mom has set a rule for myself and my sister; if they show up, we leave.  Hopefully it will be after dinner, since the food at my aunts’ house always kicks ass!

How about those Giants!!! They clinched the East and now have home field for the first round of the playoffs!!!  That made me smile.  In a couple days, Penn State gets to go up against Florida State (Hard to tell if it’s the University or Penitentiary, since they are one in the same with how the program is ran there) in the Orange Bowl.  PSU’s Defense, led by Paul Posluszny (the perfect name for a Penn State LB), is going to run through FSU.  Plus anytime Bobby Bowden loses, it’s always a good time.

I got to get some sleep, my back is killing me!!!