up and down weekend, more up though after today

by Peter Marus

Goddamn it was a good day.  I went into midtown for my interview for a temp-to-perm job at Bank of America.  I went in and it lasted an hour.  I thought it went well, but I always sucked at judging interviews.   Well Low and behold, I get a call from the temp agency and they offered me the position.  I start Wed. for training.  My job will be making sure the pantries/kitchens are stocked and organized on the floors where the conference rooms are.  It doesn’t sounds sexy I know, but I am getting paid.  It’s a 2pm-7pm shift, but that could change in time.  I hope to impress these people well enough that they take me on.  

This was a bright spot after the weekend clusterfuck called the Giants-Panthers game.   What a great time for the Giants to shit the bed, and for Eli to show how much of a rookie he really is.  The rest of the weekend consisted of my mom talking trash about how bad the Giants played. But she clamed up when I asked her how the Jets did this weekend, and how did Notre Dame did the other week!  

For some reason, the weekend movies on TV didn’t suck.  Two of my all time favorites were on; “The Great Escape” and “Airplane!”.   I love these films, and I cant’ turn them off when they are on.  

That’s it tonight, sorry to be short but I’m tired and just can’t think of anything else to say.