random thoughts for the week of Jan 23

by Peter Marus

Job is going well, lots of free time though.  If I were a smoker, it would be a dream job!! It’s not that hard of a job, but I wish I had more than 25 hours a week.  I may get a full 40 in a couple weeks when the new floors of the building open up, so then I may get some more money.  Speaking of which, I still haven’t gotten my first paycheck yet from my agency.  I have to call them tomorrow and act like a pimp acts with his hos!!!

Steelers-Seahawks in the Super Bowl.  I am not a “fan” of the Steelers, but I do follow them.  See, going to PSU means I was going to a school in Steelers country, so I followed them when I was in school (though my first priority was the Giants).  I hope that the Steelers win, Bettis deserves the ring.

I got so many plans with my money from this job, but I don’t’ know which ones to do.  Obviously I am going to save quite a bit of it, I plan on going with an online savings account (they have a slightly higher %, and no fees) form ING Direct.  I have some ideas as to what major purchases I would like to do, but I may also wait to se how much (if any) of a tax rebate I get to se what I can buy.  

How’s the personal life thing going?  Listen closely and you can hear the crickets!!! I haven’t’ got much of anything going on now, but then again I was broke and not really looking.  Maybe something will pop up out of nowhere, but I’m not counting on it.

That’s all I got tonight, maybe I’ll add more in the morning when I have more energy