brain things

by Peter Marus

I’m drawing a blank and I have nothing to write.  This is what killed my soccer column I had, but maybe I can get that started again.  I just thought I would throw out some things here just to put another entry on my blog….FOR THE TENS OF MY READERS OUT THERE

-Take that chick that is accusing Isiah Thomas of Sexual Harassment, put at beard on her, and she looks like Latrell Sprewell

-Apparently Everyone I know has a new HD TV and I don’t!!!

-I can’t wait until March-new cell phone and maybe an Xbox 360

-I watch “flavor of Love” on VH1, and I hope there’s a cool twist where the winning gold digging skank finds out Flava Flav isn’t rich anymore and they both go back to the Newark Projects where he really lives!!!  Now that would be compelling TV

-“Web Junk 20” is another show I watch, Patrice O’Neil is one funny comedian, and if you can catch the show, really funny.

--The following comedians are funny, and you all should go see them if they hit your Town (and if they are reading, I could use some comp tickets to a show!!)  In not particular order:
Patrice O’Neil
Brian Regan
Bill Burr
Joe Rogan
Stephen Lynch
Bob Kelly
Jim Norton
Dane Cook
Dave Attell
Lewis Black
Rich Vos

There’s probably some I am forgetting, l but these are some of the best out there, and should be seen whenever they are in town

-I got paid last week, and it’s not that bad my paycheck.  Hopefully I get more hours and more money, and then I can visit some relatives I have been meaning to see!!

-Hey cuz, better let me come over and see the Super Bowl on your new fancy TV before it gets repossessed!!!

That’s all I got tonight…my go beddy bye now!!!