I was bored, so I wrote this tonight

by Peter Marus

Maha Bone my brothers and sisters

So I had two interviews last week.  One was with an employment agency and they seemed like one of the best I have had ever gone to.  They were really professional and not shady.  They called me with am interview for an assignment in midtown on Monday morning.  Hope I get it, it’s nothing exotic or cool, but it would be money in my pocket!  My other interview was with a firm for a market research position.  The woman that interviewed me was about my height, and about ¾ of that was leg.  She wasn’t that bad looking, and I think the interview went Ok.  I find out next week when they might call back for another interview.  

Other than that I’m doing Ok, other than I haven’t gotten much sleep lately.  I can’t get to sleep anymore at night.  I think it’s because my mind just keeps rethinking about the night my dad passed away, which aren’t pictures/feelings I really want to deal with anymore.  I also find myself up half the night thinking, “holy shit, I got nothing going on as far as a career, what am I going to do?”  Trust me, I’m doing the best I can.  Check my resume (IT’S LINKED ON THE SIDE OF THE PAGE), I have been working and not sitting on my ass like some of my family members.  I just can’t find a way to get my foot into a door anywhere.  Eventually I’ll find a way through this, or find myself as someone featured on the “Opie and Anthony Homeless Shopping Spree”!!!!!!

I just noticed my Myspace page, and I have a lot of friends!! I tried to leave comments on all of their pages, but it was just taking too long.  It has been an interesting time with this page.  At first it was all guys asking on to be my friend (from the different messageboards I’m a part of).  Over time more and more chicks are asking to be my friend.  Only bad part is most of them are either with a guy or married!!  Oh well, I still haven’t’ figured out the “using myspace to get chicks into the sack” aspect of it, maybe if I have some free time I will.   Maybe one day I’ll do the “look for just a date” thing with it…who the hell knows (hint to the single ladies on my friends list: I am available…)

It’s not all deviants on it.  I found a lot of fellow Molloy Alumni on.  Most of which are guys I was cool with in school.  What surprised me is that most remembered me!  One of them happened to contact me through the Myspace site, and the ball started rolling from there.  One of these days I should try to get them all together and hang out.  I haven’t bothered really looking into PSU alumni, since most of them were assholes and just dicks (of the four years there, I have only one friend from there)

I’m also playing with my widgets.  Widgets are these small programs Yahoo came up with to show/show different things.  For example, I have a weather forecast, RAM monitor, Processor monitor, and a XM radio tuner running right now.  I also have a ton of other widgets as well (like ones for sports scores/news, a craigslilst listing widget that shows listings on Craigslist, and other crap I downloaded).  It’s hard to explain, but I find them addictive, and they are convenient because I don’t’ have to scour around the net for all this info.

Want to see the future of entertainment?  Look at all the things XM are planning on offering to the public.  They got a portable Satellite receiver/MP3 player combo coming out that’s going to blow everything else away.  IT certainly blows away anything Sirius has (in fact, at the CES show this year, Sirius didn’t show up…probably because their 15+ year old technology they call receivers probably wouldn’t fit in the doors!!).  Sirius has a portable receiver/MP3 player, but it doesn’t’ do live satellite signals.  You have to record the satellite signal from home or car, and you can replay it as you walk around.  So Sirius basically made their version of the Ipod, but they are charging almost $100-150 more for it!  Sirius spent (more like pissed) all their money on sub-par programming to put on a satellite system that has more dropouts than a NYC High School and they are relying on dated equipment and hype to sell their over-diluted stock.  When Economic classes look back at the biggest failures in history, Sirius will be there when they gout of business in a couple years, count on that.