Columbus Day...why can't everyday be like this?

by Peter Marus

Today was Columbus Day. It was a day where some jackass took a wrong turn and landed in a place where the people apparently didn’t’ want their land, since they didn’t put up much of a fight.  Being Half Italian, I feel proud today.  For some reason, I had a day that’s rare for me.  I had a mile on my face all day.

My day started by waking up a lot later than usual, since my “early day “ is now on Wed. rather than Monday.  After getting up and having my coffee, I jump on my computer and have another great, mind-stimulating conversation, which left a smile on my face.  I go to work, where I find only half the company showed up.  This was a real good deal since it meant less work for me and less milk consumed (we have enough now to last until Wed. when the next shipment arrives).  So after my shift of doing almost nothing (can’t refill anything if no one is there to use it), I get out early and come home.  One thing that stood out in my head about the whole day was the compliments I was getting some people.  One person noticed I was in a better mood, and was glad to see I wasn’t looking so stressed (apparently I looked like a wreak the last week according to her).  Another person mentioned I looked like I lost weight.  For some reason this made me really happy (sound like a chick I know, but I have been trying to get myself in better health and losing weight was one of the things I ‘m trying to do) and that made me walk a little taller.  No I didn’t have a “Saturday Night Fever” strut, but I did walk with my head a little higher.  So far things are going well for me, and it’s about damn time!!!  This week is looking to be positive, but if it doesn’t, I can still say the first part was good.

How ‘bout dem Mets!!!  Swept the Dodgers, and now they play the Cards to see who goes to the World Series.  I’m going to be at game 2 thanks to my cousin and his luck.  It should be fun, provided the weather holds up.  Oh ad how did the Yankees do??? Well let’s see…

But at least they weren’t swept…Proof that money buys you nothing!!! Apparently the Yankees haven’t noticed what happened to the Knicks and Rangers the past decade.  At least the Rangers went with youth now and they look never better.  Team sports are NEVER about talent, it’s chemistry of a team that can overcome and succeed.  I bet I can take a team in any team sport of mediocre players who want to play together and can win over an all-star team.  Best example: look at Detroit or Oakland, they have low payrolls but have teams full of players who want to play together and even though they aren’t the most talented rosters, they do know how to play as a team and not for themselves.