haven't updated this in a while...but I was waiting fo the new toy

by Peter Marus

This is my first entry done on my new toy. Yes I finally got my Macbook and it kicks ass!!!! I'm still trying to get used the the keyboard and some other minor things, but I love this thing!!!! I downloaded a bunch of programs so I can use some of my old stuff from my windows computer (like the word processor program I got called NeoOffice, it's like Office but free and I can use all my old files and stuff). I still have to learn quite a but about the mac ( well more refresh since I had to use a mac when I work in TV), but I am sure people will give me advice. I am really loving this thing, and I hope o do some really cool things with it when I get a video camera to take advantage on Imovie and the creative programs Apple has for this computer.

Other than that things are going well. My job has been hectic, but I and getting a tom of OT, so it's all good in the end. I learned the past few weeks how much better lunch is when you don't eat it in the building and not alone. The last time I ate out was a 12 hour day, and I really neede the time out of the building just to get my head cleared. But overall my bosses like my work, and hopefully it will translate into something better.

Mets are out, but what do you expect when the team had no pitching (EVER pitcher that was good was hurt). RBNY shat the bed yesterday, and they now go into the second leg of the two-leg playoff down a goal. This team NEVER could beat DC when it counts.

That's it, just wanted to try out the new computer to see how I do with writing stuff.