some peace today and some reflection

by Peter Marus

What a difference a weekend makes. I had a pretty peaceful day I had at work. Nothing major really happened, and I had a fantastic lunch out today. Funny part is that after lunch the day went even faster!!! Helps when one has good company to enjoy a sandwich I had to settle with since they had no white bread but whole wheat!!!!

A little over a week ago I got news of my class reunion is coming up at Molloy. I am not going to it after doing a lot of thinking. It's not that I don't want to see any of the people from HS, trust me I would love to, but at a reunion is somewhere I rather not do it. I am starting to get sick of nostalgia, and I'm trying my bet to stop living in the past and staying more in the present. I have a lot of things about my time in HS that I am at peace with, but at the same time I rather not retread out and talk about. Considering I was a shut-in for the most part and a gimp for a little over two years of school, where I could go out to hang out with my friends (not to mention that my parents worked their asses off and the last thing I wanted to ask them to o is drive my dumbass around to my friends places),I;d rather not relive the isolation I felt yet at the same time I put on myself when I look back at it all. T wasn't all bad, my senior year was one of my best times where I found out a lot about myself and the friends I had in school. I should go to my reunion, but in reality I don't have a NEED to go. Some of you who I went to school with I am sure are reading this, and if you want to see me you all know how to get a hold of me. Wanna hang out? Just contact me!

Thats it as far as any thoughts I have i my head right now