Lookie!!! new blog!!!

by Peter Marus

Hello all, especially those who I haven't gotten a hold of in a while. Hope all is well and things are going right in the lives you all lead (both good or bad). I have no clue why I am writing right now. I'm really tired form a long ass day at work, and the only reason I'm honestly online and awake right now is because I want to see if a person I want to chat with tonight comes on AIM tonight. But I figure since I am waiting here and watching ESPN overanalyze a World Series rainout, I just throw something together.

Wow it has gotten cold quickly!!! I personally like the cold, but I don't like it when it gets cold too fast and my body has no time to adjust. In a couple weeks I will really like this weather.

It figures that LaVar Arrington would have a monster game Monday night and get a potentially career threatening injury!!! But on the bright side the Giants are looking great this season and seeing how the NFL works, it's a real possibility to see the Giants in the Super Bowl. I watched the jets game Sunday as well, and although they did win, it should be noted they played the Lions, who are the jobbers of the NFL. So in the end the Jets did what amounts to beating up a retarded kid!!

As much as I enjoy listening to Opie and Anthony and Ron and Fez, lately I have been enjoying the Ron and Fez show better. I guess because the attitude if the show is more lid back and more “common talk” like you were hanging out in a bar with the hosts (who act the same way in person, I have met them in the past and are really genuine guys). As good as Opie and Anthony;s show is, they seem to be moving back to the “cringe” radio type of show, and sometimes that can get to be too much sometimes. I still love both shows, but I find myself enjoying Ron and Fez a little bit more.

The best part of TV this time of year is the libel and Slander that is spewed from candidates running for office. God forbid they would tell you what THEY would do in office, bey HAVE to tell you what is wrong with the other guy!!! If these candidates really want to make some money, they should release all their commercial on DVD after the election is over, they'd sell a TON of them!!!

well someone popped on and I have nothing really else to add. Enjoy all!!!