Just a 'lil update

by Peter Marus

The past few days have been going ok.  This past weekend was a win-some/lose some type of weekend.  Saturday I went to the Red Bulls game, but I didn’t’ get to go to the game due to the fact I was a moron and locked my keys in my car!!   The funniest part is that I took my spare key out of my wallet and forgot to put it back in.  So after calling AAA and getting into my car, it was well into the second half and not worth it to go in.  On the bright side I did get a phone call on my way home that lead to a long conversation that was totally enjoyable, so I guess my “ying-yang” theory worked on that night.  And wouldn’t you know it, the Red Bulls won on top of it!!!

Sunday was another nice day, got some work done around the house and went out for part of the afternoon.  Spent the day in Forest Hills, and it was a most enjoyable afternoon.  Went to a bookstore, and to the park and sat for a couple hours with someone I met up with down there and we had a good time talking and hanging out

Other than that, my sports teams are…..OK.  Penn State won Saturday, but they did beat one of the “jobbers” of the Big Ten (Northwestern).  No matter, a win’s a win, and it’s a conference win also.  The Mets clinch the division and took the last part of the season off for some reason.  Now they only have a couple good pitchers for the playoffs, but a best –of-5 situation in the first round should hide the lack of starting pitching depth…provided the bats wake up.  My cousin got NLCS tickets (the next round) for the Mets, and if they make it I get to go on one of his tickets!!!

Professionally, My job is going as well as it usually is.  The good news is that my early day is going to be moved from Monday to Wednesday. That means my double shift is on Wed., and that Mondays is now a regular day for me.  It’s going to be tough for a couple weeks to adjust to, but in the long run, I LOVE IT!!!  It means on Sundays I can stay up late, and not cut any plans short.  It also means I can take an occasional three-day weekend, which I wanted to do for a while and go traveling to some relatives down in DC or wherever.  It also means if I find someone special, I can take an occasional getaway with them.  SO as long as I can get through the transition the next week or so, I should be all good.

Finally, as far as my Macbook situation goes.  I’m close to having the money for it, but I still need a couple weeks to save up for it and also pay off some expenses like my cell phone bill, My cousin for the Mets tickets-but I’m not dodging him.  Hopefully sooner than later I’ll have my new computer!!!

That’s all I got for tonight.