Thurs. Update

by Peter Marus

Ugh this week has been a real shitty week.  It’s like everything seems to be coming to a head at work for some odd reason.  I think it’s partly that some of the things I do are being moved around to different days, and trying to make sure that I can get through the transition with little to no problem is an issue, and just a lot of things that have been building are now starting to become major issues.  I talked to my boss about some of the tings that I have had problems with, and hopefully things get changed.  It doesn’t help where I’m the “middle guy”, which means I am the first who gets the complaints and whatever.  I think also I’m starting to get a little burnt out with the job.  I’ve been working there since January with no real break, and I think that is taking its toll on me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to have a job and everything.  I went thorough a long period without one.  I don’t’ know what I’m really saying here.  It wasn’t all bad, had a couple moments of good times, so that helped get me through the week.

Other than my job, things are going well.  I’m watching the Mets play the Dodgers and the Mets look like they did when they were really kicking ass in the regular season.  This is a good sign.  The Red Bulls look like they could back into the playoffs, but it all depends on next week’s game at Giants Stadium.  They more or less have to win both games, but they can still make it even if they lose this weekend, but they have to win next weekend.

OK I’m tired, but I wanted to add something here.