working and love-both painful as hell

by Peter Marus

This weekend was well needed.  I worked four, 12-hour shifts this week, and a 10-hour shift the other day due to the morning guy had the flu.  It sucked and really tiring, but I will be getting a nice paycheck.  The cool part is that my supervisor thanked me and the big bosses thanked me as well, and took note of this.  I may have screwed up the ordering of some supplies, but considering it was my first time doing it and no one ever told me how to do it, I hope no one complains.  

This week is Valentines Day. My answer to that: FUCK VALENTINES DAY!!!!  I personally think it’s a stupid idea made up for abusive and neglectful guys to make one day special for their chicks.  Think about it for a second, if you are relying on one day of spending money of dinner and gifts for your chick to make her feel good, rather than making her feel good as much as you can, you are in a sad situation and probably shouldn’t be in any relationship.  I did read somewhere that women today don’t put much stock in this one-day, but still would like something that day.  What I always found more pathetic are all the sad people who get engaged or married on Valentines Day “because it makes the already romantic day even better”.  Why would you want to have something that could potentially be horrible close to a major date? That would haunt you for the rest of your life.  The smart move is to put your wedding day close to your anniversary date.  At least that will not be as painful to you.  Also it’s just one less date to remember!!!  

That’s all I can think of writing now, I’m still tired after the past week.