love is like crack, but I ain't sucking a man off for it

by Peter Marus

Today on “Ron and Fez”, Mike the Teacher was in to talk about love and where it comes from. Mike is a fantastic guest when it comes to info and I’ve always walked away with some information.  Today, Mike mentioned that the emotion of love comes from the part of the brain that is also where addictions can form.  What I mean is that studies have shown that love and addiction are almost the same thing to a brain.  I thought about this all day today and I have to agree with the theory.

I mean think about it, when you are with someone special and it’s for love, you are on a high that nothing can top.  I know this is how I feel when I am with someone special.  I am, as Mike D of the Beastie Boys said in “Mike on the Mic”, so high you can call me your highness.  It’s a fantastic feeling, but when I am not with someone special (not just broken up, just not around someone), I feel like I am in a form of withdrawal.  When things don’t’ workout, I am in the deepest of lows with out my “drug”.  I ask those who are reading this to look back into their lives and see how high the highs were and how low the lows were.  Thinking of all these things made me realize that, yes I’m too nice to women and treat them too well, but if that makes her feel this “high” even for just a date or moment, then it’s worth it to me.  Along with this, I decided that if I do find someone, I have to go out of my way to not screw it up and cause her (or me) to “crash”.  Goof on me all you want, but this theory Mike the Teacher mentioned really hit me and is a theory I will use now whenever I get into a relationship.  Now, with this info, does this make Pimps “Dealers” and dating services “Whorehouses”??

OK enough of the relationship shit I’ve been doing lately, and let’s get onto something else.  Olympic hockey starts this week, and I cant’ wait.  It has to be the most beautiful thing to watch during the Olympics.  The US team looks good, but old.  Canada looks unstoppable with their youth and skill players.  My dark horse team is the Czech team, which is mostly the Rangers.  The chemistry the Ranger players have now should translate well to the Olympic games and they could win it all.

Not too long until the soccer season starts up again.  Metro looks like they have potential this season to make some noise, but then again they always do and fall on their faces.  But then again, if there wasn’t a colossal failure by the Metros in a season, it wouldn’t’ make them the Metros, and although the failures are irritating, it’s fun as hell to watch sometimes!!!

Everything else in my life is ho-hum.  My job seems to be going quicker everyday, but after last week when I was in a building of 12-14 hours straight at a clip, a 5-hour day is nothing.  It was funny when I looked at my watch and it said it was 2:30 and after what felt like an hour, I looked again and it was 5pm.  This coming paycheck is going to look SUH WEET!!! But I’m going to do a grownup thing and put most of it into the bank, and not blow it on something shiny!!!

I’ve also been getting my tax stuff ready as well.  It’s been odd doing it since I don’t’ have my dad around to help me, and I also have to help my mom out with getting hers and my dad’s stuff together as well.  It’s not a sad thing, but just a surreal and odd feeling doing it, knowing that it’s the last time we really have to do this for him.  

I really don’t want to get into what’s going on with me and the subject of my father since that’s not something you all really want to read here (what the hell are you here for?? Just wondering since I’m not a liberal bashing Bush or a fascist…err Republican bashing anything fun..but that could be a whole other entry for me to ponder), but I can say that even though it’s been over 2 months, I still have a lot of shit to get through, both for myself and his affairs.   I do want to say here THANK YOU to those who have cared enough to ask how I’ve been doing and offered me help for stuff.  You are truly friends and I am grateful for it.

Now it’s sleepy time for me