just wrote something because I was bored

by Peter Marus

The other night I was watching a documentary on skinheads in America.  The reason I was watching it was because shows like these fascinate me.  Not in the way that I want to join them (and I can’t, my half Italian half Puerto Rican cousin and his Filipino wife would kick my ass, not to mention my other cousin’s black husband would probably join in), but in the way that in this country and even the planet, there are pockets of these people out there with these beliefs.  It’s an amazing thing that these people recruit followers, even with the advent on the internet and other forms of communications out there, but then again these things also helped with the proliferation of attention and power these groups have.  I really don’t’ have a lot more to say interesting on the subject, but if you happen to catch one of these documentaries, please see it and be amazed what’s out there in the backwards-ass sections of this countries

I really have not much to write about tonight.  I went to work, did my thing and came home.  That’s all I got right now.  I really struggle with what to write about here.  I could always bitch and moan about stuff in my life, but that’s not really productive.  I am not much into politics, so I won’t be really doing an anti- or pro- Bush blog like the million other jizzbags do on the Internet.  I only write something here when I have something stuck in my head and over the day develop the idea into what is written here, and usually it comes form something that happened to me that day.  

OH and as I write this, I’m watching the Mexico-South Korea match on TV, and my cousin is right, the Mexicans stole the Italian flag and did put that god-awful eagle on it!!  And when they salute it, they got the seig down, just don’t finish it off with the Heil.  Just a thought.