I rant, you read, we both did something, yay!

by Peter Marus

Tonight I’m going to talk about something that has been really bothering me for a while now, and just seeing a commercial for it really set me off.  I’m going to be talking about the horrible movie “remake” of the “Pink Panther”.  For some reason, Steve Martin had the balls to take one of comedies’ most cherished and revered characters, and try to make it a pussified, PG-13 version that all the mindless dullards that like him now will spend money to see.  Anyone who sees this piece of shit is in essence pissing on Peter Seller’s grave.  I can’t believe someone thought that it would be a good idea to not only remake it, but also rewrite it to make it even worse.  First, THEY TOOK OUT CATO!!!! I’m sorry, but you do not take out a character that was IMPORTANT to many of comedies’ best physical bits in film.  What did they do since they took out Cato? They rewrite the character to make it a French character (played by Jean Reno, who is MUCH better as a sociopath, not a comedic character from what I saw).  Then they HAVE to put in a sassy, female minority in the movie to make it more acceptable (and further drive the speeding carwreck of a movie faster into the wall).  To tell you how bad this movie is, it was made over a year ago and sat on the shelf, since NO one had any confidence in the film.  But alas there are enough retards out there to pay $27 million to these thieves who made the film the first week it was released.

My other little rant is about the persecution of Club Soda Kenny, who in real life is a 22-year veteran West Orange, NJ. Police sergeant John Feder.  He goes on stage as this character (along with Opie and Anthony and helps security at their live events) and says some nasty jokes, but in real life he’s a family man who is as straight law abiding and any cop can possibly be.  But someone chose to take a copy of his performance and send it to his superiors.  Now Kenny is looking at losing his pension and job.  ALL FOR SOMETHING HE DOES FOR A HOBBY.  For Christ ‘s sake, the guy needs a way to blow off steam form this horrible job, and in the environment of a comedy club, IT IS ACEPTED WHAT HE SAYS AND DOES.  The big thing is “he’s a cop, they shouldn’t be allowed to do anything that makes them not look like a cop in their off time.” and people are bitching that what he did say was so offensive and he doesn’t’ count under the first amendment because as a cop, he had a higher standard to follow.  Have you ever hung out with anyone in a high stress job where death and pain is often involved?  They have some of the most sickest, brutal since of humor.  But guess what, THEY WORK IN A BRUTAL ENVIROMENT.  And God forbid Kenny wanted to go on stage and say some bad jokes to relieve stress and maybe make a person laugh or two….WHY IS HE NOT ALLOWED TO HIS FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!  

I’m tired of my ranting and incoherent stuff here.  I gotta rest now.