just somethings on my mind

by Peter Marus

I’m just going to hit in a bunch of things here in no order:

-Selling ports to Middle Eastern Savages-WHY??? Why approve it?  Is bush REALLY going to just open up our ports to terrorists and savages, even though he has such a hardon to get rid of terror?  This is a colossal incident waiting to happen.  I hope the real people who run the docks (The Italian businessmen who run the Unions) step up and block this.

-US hockey is really shaky at this point.  They are old and it’s time to scrap the current players and start over.  They really haven’t’ shown me anything.  Other than that the entire Olympic hockey tournament is great to watch.  As far as I’m concerned, this is the real “World Cup” for hockey, not the one the NHL puts on. Also, NHL players most likely won’t play in the Olympics after the Vancouver games, since the owners are pissed that they could have their players injured.  My solution for this (and any sport where club players play on national teams-baseball this year and soccer); put a clause in all contracts that if they get hurt playing for their country, the club team has no obligation to pay them during their injury.  The player is willingly choosing to play, and this isn’t with their contractual obligated team, so I see no problem with this idea.

-Anyone see the Daytona 500?   I did in Hi def and it was AWESOME!!!  I also saw that Nascar was holding back Tony Stewart because God forbid he sacked up and pushed back after being pushed by another driver on the track.  NASCAR screws Stewart twice, and he STILL ended up in fifth!!!  Shows you how good he is, and if he wasn’t held back, he probably would have lapped the entire field.

-I STILL LOVE MY XM!!!  I record a channel every night so I have something to listen to on the train.  I usually stick with the rock/alternative channels, and I always get at least a couple good songs I enjoy listening to, and also a few older songs that I always enjoy listening to.  Regular radio could NEVER do that, especially now since there isn’t a rock station in the area.  If you don’t have XM you re missing out on a LOT!!!

-I can’t wait for the warmer weather, I’m going nuts here wanting to run my R/C car!!! I hope for some warm weather soon, it hurts me seeing my truck on my desk collecting dust (I hope to have some pics of it soon, once I figure out the Digital camera).

And I’m done, hope this was as good for you as it was for me