Groundhog Day notes on me

by Peter Marus

This job is kicking my ass.  I got called in today real early to cover for the day guy, and I only had an hour to get ready and get to the building and work for 10 hours.  Friday I have to do the same, and I have no clue if I am going to have the day guy there (my supervisor said that he wants me in there just in case the day guy can’t come in).  Fridays are the worst for me, I help re-stock all the pantries from the order that comes in, and depending on how much stuff is ordered, it can be a real time consuming ordeal.  This Friday could be a lot worse if I’m the only one doing it, especially since there’s a new pantry I have to stock and get ready for Monday!  

I also on Fridays have to clean out the refrigerators of all the old food in the afternoon.  I have had a couple debates with the day guy over this.  He wants to take all the packaged stuff (take out, Tupperware, etc.) out and put in on the side and if no one picks it up at the end of the day, throw it out.  My attitude is to throw all of it out since on the fridge it says “All food in the refrigerator will be discarded after 2pm on Fridays.”   At the end of the day, on top of cleaning the pantries I also have to get rid of all the milk that is going to expire soon.  Some floors go through milk like it’s going out of style, while others don’t.  All of this isn’t really hard work, just really time consuming and something I rather not do on a Friday night.

All is quiet on the personal life front.  This is something I have been debating this with myself and figuring out if I want this changed at the moment.  I have been weighing all the positives and negatives of being single.  I would like someone else to talk to (not that the people I talk to aren’t helpful, but it would be nice to get another person’s perspective), and I just hate not having someone there for me.  Eh, if it happens it happens.