change is easy...keeping things changed is the hard part!

by Peter Marus

Yes people I am in the process of updating my resume.  Thanks Mike for pointing that out it’s out of date a bit and could use some revising.  

Hi Ryan, whoever the hell you are.  Keep responding, I need a laugh or two

US Hockey is pathetic.  I wish they had the attitude of US soccer, where the coach is only as good as the last world cup, and their job is only safe if they make the tournament and do somewhat well in it.  US soccer also likes to go out and get some young players who show some potential into the players pool to try to get them ready to carry the team.  US Hockey seems to have this attitude that because the NHL is in the US, the players in the league are automatically 3 steps better than everyone else.  This hasn’t been true ever; just look at the roster for the Rangers, not many US players on it!!!  Also US Hockey has the problem of relying on old players, but there’s no young US players coming up that can really replace the aging vets.  

It’s a catch 22 for the US, but if I was in charge of the US team, I’d get as many young players involved and playing in mini camps as much as I can (assuming the NHL owners would allow it, but I would take US players from the minor leagues and college as well-where ever there is talent and potential).  This would at least start to get a core group of players to build around.  I would also next Olympics have a team comprised of players no older than 27 (maybe three or four older players) and work with them.  I would give players in the US player pool 2 Olympics/World Cups to show if they can play in international play, and if they are exceptional I would keep them for maybe a third round of the Olympics/World Cups (this is assuming NHL players are going to play in the Olympics after 2010).  That’s how I would try to fix US Hockey.  

On another note it was great to see Olympic/international hockey.  I could watch that all the time.  It was cool to see a bunch of Rangers get medals for their nations, just sucked Lindquist had to be the goalie against the US for Sweden and beat them.  

What’s going on with me?  Not much, just working and trying to change some things in my life.  I’m exercising more (every other day or night) trying to get myself in better shape; round isn’t working for me anymore!!!  I’m also trying to mentally change my outlook on things. I’m the worst pessimist and paranoid person, but I want to change that since it hasn’t really done well for me.  If anyone has tried changing something in life, I hope I’m not the only one who has felt like I’m going through withdrawal.  Since I started changing how I think about life and exercising, I feel like I’m lacking something and I’ve been irritable because of it.  I’ve also been fighting my mind into not going back to my old ways (like how junkies have to, but I’m not trying to compare myself to junkies), and continuing trying to think positive.  I’ve also been trying to not care or worry about a lot of the little things in life.  I’m trying to look at things in a “big picture” type of mindset.  Doing so the past few weeks has pointed out a lot of things about my life that I wish I found out sooner.

First, I try too hard.  I have this thing about being “too much” to people (which I realize that has ruined a lot of relationships).  I always had this attitude and mindset that I had to show someone a lot of attention, and that it will be appreciated and reciprocated.  Now I realize that it’s the WRONG way to go things.  This is going to be the hardest habit or whatever to break, since I always had the need to help and make things better for people.  

Also, I worry too much.  This always was something about me even my parents hated about me.  I always was too hard on myself, and I would really get upset over the littlest of things.  A lot of the things of the things I would get worried about or upset at are things I now see are stupid.  

I also put a lot of the blame of things going wrong on me, which is another hard habit that’s going to break.  I always had the attitude that if I am a part of something, I am fully responsible for it and whatever comes from it, even if I had no participation in the failure of that thing.  This is something I really want to change, since the extra and unneeded stress is something that could become a health concern for me, and this is something that affected my dad when he was younger.  Seeing how his health was the last several years of his life, I think I should start not to try to get myself in a better frame of health, both physically and mentally.

Oh well, that’s all I have on my mind right now. Thanks for stopping by I guess.