look, I updated this thing!!!

by Peter Marus

How’s everyone doing?  I’m doing great since I now stepped into the 2000s and got a DVR form my cable company.  I got to use it the first time last night when I was watching “The Sopranos”, I recorded at the same time “Family Guy”.  It’s cool being able to record shows I want to see, and see it whenever I feel like it.  It also makes things easier on me now that I don’t have to schedule around the shows anymore.  I also like that I can use the live pause when I have to take a piss and I don’t’ have to miss a show I am not recording.  The main reason I got the box was for the World Cup this summer.  I am working during the hours of the matches this time around, and now I can record the matches I want to see and watch them when I get home.  I wish I had this thing sooner!!!

Speaking of work, things are looking up.  I was told that in a week or two, they might finally put me on a full 40-hour schedule (I do about 27-30 hours a week).  They also said that I may get a slight raise when I go full time, but I still haven’t’ heard the complete details on anything yet.  It seems that no one knows anything, like in every major corporate organization.  SO the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, but the right hand can only find out what the left hand is doing after it talks to the left knee and right elbow first, assuming they are returning the right hand’s calls!  My company just opened another floor, and the last one should be done in a month or so (well, that’s a plan, but then again, all the floors should be open now).  When it’s all said and done, there will be 6 floors, and the morning guy and myself will split the floors during the day and maintain them, but I will have to close all of the floors at night.  This isn’t that big of a deal considering it takes me about at most 10 minutes to clean/close one pantry.

I found a couple new Xm channels I am starting to like.  The first one is called “XM Chill” (CH. 84).  This is a good channel to have on when you are working on the computer, reading, or whatever you are doing to “chill” and unwind.  I like to have it on at night when I’m just sitting and reflecting on different things or when I’m doing my exercises.  If I didn’t have my Xm set up to record music at night for the train ride to and from work, I would leave this channel on at night to sleep to.  The other channel I like now is “Big Tracks” (CH. 49).  It’s “classic rock for my generation”, which means mostly 80s and early 90s rock.  It’s got a nice selection of music on the channel, and I really like that they don’t’ focus on “hair bands” like they do on the other channel “Boneyard”, they play a wide variety of rock.

I’m a boring person tonight.  This is all I got tonight.  Another time I guess.