S-A-TUR-DAY....HEY!!! I"m bored!!!

by Peter Marus

Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day!!!  I spent mine in a bar (what a shock, half-Irish and drunk in a bar).  But I did have a good time.  I met up with some old friends of mine from high school who I haven’t seen in years (but recently kept in contact with on Myspace).  Honestly at first it was weird, since I haven’t hung out with him in a long time and I was supposed to meet up with him on his birthday but didn’t and I was wondering if that was still on his mind.  Well I got to the bar we were to meet up at, and things went well.  We were both cool with each other, and we were just talking.  I realized there he was a true friend of mine, just by what he was saying.  

You see, I never really hung out with my friends in High school, since I was on crutches for about half my time in High School.  I really had no way to get around to hang out with them (I wasn’t going to ask my parents, who just got home busting their asses all day to drive me around to see my friends, who may or may not be doing legal things).  But from how my friends were talking, they and all the people I knew in High school did hold me in some regard and thought I was cool, so that was a good thing to feel.  I’m sure that people are reading this now and saying “why the fuck did he doubt that?”   It was something that always bugged me since HS, when I would hear of all my friends are going to do something, and I really couldn’t since I was a gimp for the most part and I had other things to work on for my parents in PA.  It sounds strange, but it felt cool to me to know that I wasn’t just that “school” friend.

Last Wed. was the ESC meeting and Q&A with the GM and coach of the Red Bull NY (but they will always be Metro to me).  It was a cool night at a great new bar in Midtown (stout, look up their web address, it’s a cool place by Penn Station).  I helped out with running the membership table and the night went off well.  Only thing was that out event was in the “public” area, and although it was good so others see what’s going on and maybe join in, it was a distraction.  I can’t wait for the season, and I have to pay for my season tickets and bus trip to DC.  It’s going to be fun this year, since I won’t have any major things on my mind to distract me from my passion.  

That’s all I have tonight, I was bored so I wanted to write something…if it sucked then that’s your problem for wasting your time and reading this!