Like Batman, I got some wonderful toys

by Peter Marus

I acquired some fancy things the past week.  Thanks to a nice tax rebate check, I was able to get a few things I’ve been wanting for a while.

The First thing I got was a Sony PSP.  It’s like a mini PS2, but it also is a movie and MP3 player.  I got it since I am planning on selling my PS2 after seeing the PSP in action first hand, and since I can get the same games on the PSP, I figured Id sell the PS2 (may go the Ebay route, still haven’t decided yet).  I got a couple games for it, and it’s addictive as hell.  I got “Hot Shots Golf”, and I’ve been playing that the most.  I also got GTA: Liberty City Stories, and it’s a lot like the other GTA games, so that’s a good thing.  The other game I picked up was Konami’s soccer game.  It doesn’t have the big features like the PS2 version, but I still like the game.  The only thing I haven’t gotten used to is the fact that it’s all in one, in that I’m used to have a controller in my hand and looking at a TV.  Other than that I have no complains with the system.  Eventually I’m getting a bigger memory card so I can save some MP3s on the system, but that’s all down the road.  The best thing I got for it is the Logitech case to protect it….let’s just say it was tested the other night and it passed with flying colors.

The other big thing I got was a new cell phone.  I had gotten it since it was time to get a new phone after it got a huge crack on the screen.  Also my contract’s expiring gave me an opportunity to get a new phone.  It’s an amazing phone, and it has something I wanted for a while: Bluetooth capabilities.  I got myself a nice bluetooth headset for it so I can now have a real hands free experience in the car and when I need both hands.  

The last ting I got was season tickets to the Red Bulls soccer team.  I haven’t has tickets for a couple years, and I figured it was good time to get season tickets again.  This Sunday I’m gong to DC for the first game of the season, and it’s free (the team is footing the bill), so how could I resist?  

Other than that my life is going very well.  Work’s still there, and as long as my check clears each week I’m cool with the job (just would like more hours, but that’s to come).   There are other things I would like to talk about, but I don’t want to at this time.  I don’t want jinx anything pending, and when things are more concrete I’m sure I’ll babble on about the thing.  I will just say this (and I think only a few people will get it; which is how I want it), The sleepless night the past week and a half have been MORE than worth it, and I hope there are more of them.

Yes my resume is STILL out of date.  I plan on redoing it tomorrow or Wed. night, since people want to see it

Well that’s all I can write at this time, hope it made sense to you, but if not that’s your problem, I’m not here to make everyone happy