Metrostars 1996-2005

by Peter Marus

It’s the end of Metro as we know it and I have no clue how to feel.  Part of me is sad to see the team I supported for 11 years go away, including the history since the new owners (Red Bull) will be treating the team like it’s brand new yet keep the players for now.  I don’t like what I hear as far as the new owners getting ex-Cosmos involved, since that’s digging up a past that shouldn’t be dug up.  I am taking a wait and see approach to the situation, and then after part of this season where I have an idea about the agenda of the new owners I will decided if I am going to support the team.  If they treat the ESC bad, then I will go with the ESC and not support the team.  It should be an interesting year.  The team name is really stupid.  It’s either Red Bull NY or the NY Red Bulls.  

The problem is who do I support if that happens?  There’s not another pro team in the area, and the USL is really semi-pro teams that aren’t stable.  The key thing to me is how the new ownership treats the ESC, a group whose main mission is to support soccer in NY.  The ESC is the largest group ticket sale for the team now, but the new ownership may want us out like they did with their other soccer team (a team in Austria where they gutted the history and supporters from to make it an entirely new team identity).

That’s all I got right now, I really can’t focus on this with everything still not official, but enough has come out to be official.