quick things about things going on with me

by Peter Marus

Just putting some quick things up here, so if they don’t’ make sense, that’s your problem:

-Red Bulls and Rangers got that asses kicked Saturday, and I spent my entire afternoon in the rain.  Fun day for me.  Topper was suiting in my car waiting for the traffic to die down and watching all the Devils “fans” screaming and hooting….where were they in the 80s I ask???  Also, the Meadowlands suck when they have two events going on at once.  It’s just a nightmare going to a soccer game at Giants Stadium when there’s something going on at the arena (even worse when that fair they NJSEA has to extort money out of customers).

-Speaking of the Giants, They got LaVar!!!! It’s what I always say, when you want a good defense; you gotta get some PSU alums!!!!

-My job situation is getting interesting.  I asked about some extra hours and they said maybe in a couple weeks.  A couple hours later I get a message I am to meet with one of my supervisors Tuesday, so maybe they will be giving me more hours, then again the could be letting me go, since my supervisor was rambling on about changes at the building I’m at.  

-This week is already going slow, and it’s going to get slower until Saturday, which I got a big thing going on.  I’m excited about it, but I just wish Saturday would come sooner!!!