Just a simple update

by Peter Marus

So this weekend sucked, I was sick and still went to Dc for the first Red Bull game.  It was ok until the wannabe hooligans started shit in the stadium and parking lot.   A couple people got hurt, but not bad enough to go to the hospital.  

Today I’m still sick a little, but also now have an ear infection, so I’m on antibiotics (thank god for the state health program I’m in, since my temp agency is too fucking cheap to offer a health plan to long term temps like EVERY OTHER TEMP AGENCY IN THE CITY DOES).  I went to the doctor to get checked out, and I also found out I may have a problem with my blood pressure and maybe my cholesterol (I won’t find that out until I go in next Monday).  This really hit home for me since these were the EXCACT same problems my dad had, so I have to make sure I take care of it.  It really does frighten me about the whole thing, since I really want to change my life around, and I have felt the best I’ve had in a long time.  I hope that it’s a rather simple solution to the whole thing, other than the obvious changing how I eat and what I eat (I had a long conversation with my mom and sister last night about this, and out diet will be changing.

Other than that nothing much happening, I just wanted to through something up here since some of you I bet look at this from time to time.