another update

by Peter Marus

I am not in the mood to write in great detail here, but I wanted to post something here just because:

-My job sucks and it’s getting suckier.  People, check out my resume and if you need someone like me for a job let me know, let’s just say at my current job that the hard work I put in is getting rewarded with more work, and not much more pay.  I got an interview with someone else this week, so maybe I can get a gig that’s not as bad as this one

-Saturday kicked ass for me!! Spent it out with someone I’ve been talking to for a while now (not going into details as far as who).  At first it seemed a little awkward, but after a short time, things worked itself out and we were talking like we did online and on the phone.  We spent the day going around different places, and it was great just hanging out with someone that intrigued me for the longest time.  Everything seemed to go well, and hopefully I get to do it again.

-The Rangers sucked, got swept out of the playoffs to the frigging Devils no less!!!  The Red Bulls decided that scoring isn’t that important, and both their main team and reserve team didn’t’ score a single goal (the main team drew with Chivas USA 0-0, but the reserve team lost 4-0) On the bright side, the Mets kicked some ass, and are really looking good.  

-It’s funny, yesterday was the big immigration boycott, yet I didn’t’ see anything special out of it.  What I mean is that I didn’t’ have it affect me in my life in anyway, and from all the people I talked to, it didn’t’ affect their lives either.  It looked good all that grandstanding in the different cities, but what did it really accomplished?