just a 'lil update

by Peter Marus

Man what a week or two.  I’m tired from work’s new schedule, but at least I’m getting a full 40 hours now.  Good thing too since I owe my mom some money for my car insurance (it’s still under her name and she paid for it already before I got the chance to give her the money).  Os to paraphrase one of my comics Rich Vos, “I owe my mom money for the car insurance, and I’m dodging her!!!”

I went to my dad’s grave recently to see the engraving of his name on it.  It was surreal to finally see that on the stone (before it was just my Aunts name and dates).  In a way it was also a good thing, that I can finally say it’s over, and that nothing from the whole experience is still “pending” or out there to worry about as far as I am concerned.  It’s a cool feeling that things aren’t on my shoulders.

It’s a great time now to watch TV. The world Cup is on, and everyday there’s at least one game I want to see.  Thank god for the DVR and I can record them while I’m at work. So far all the games I’ve seen have been good, other than the US shitting the bed and putting themselves behind the 8-ball.  Who the hell knows maybe this will clear all the hype and then they can play the way they are supposed to do and make some noise in the tournament.  

Along with the soccer, there’s also some great TV shows on now.  I especially like “Rescue Me” on FX, and on HBO there’s “Lucky Louie” (HBO’s try at the traditional sitcom, but beter with curses and better material) and  “Dane Cook’s Tourgasm” (Documentary of a comedy tour with 4 psychotic comics ho are some of the funniest guys around).    If you can, check them out, you might like them.  

So you see, I’m boring still, and the only reason I wrote this is because I felt like updating it.