a nice quickie for you

by Peter Marus

Just posting something quick here.  The heat sucks, and I sweat my ass off in the summer.  Just letting you know if you happen to be near me.  But now I have an air conditioner in my room now, so I won’t be waking up all dehydrated!!!

Job thing is going ok.  I am starting to get used to the schedule, which has me going in at 7am on Mondays to handle the milk delivery. It’s not a big deal since I don’t have to worry about anything else when I do the milk.  It’s a 12-hour day on Mondays, but that and the regular 7 hours I get the rest of the week means I get 40 hours now.  I also get some other responsibilities put on me, but they aren’t really a big deal.  They are more just extensions of some of my old ones.

World Cup has been interesting.  The US finally grew a pair and showed up against the Italians.  They need to win against Ghana and hope the Italians beat the Czechs.  If the US did show up and played like a real team in the first game, they probably wouldn’t’ be in this situation.  The other two teams I am paying attention are the English and the Dutch.  The English team I like to watch since I ‘m used to seeing all the players play in English matches on cable, and some of them are pretty damn good.  The Dutch have always intrigued me.  They have a culture and style of players and player development that is one of the best styles in the world, and the team they always produce are a real team, not a collection of stars.  Even the Dutch league matches are well-played and entertaining to watch.

That’s all the crap I got now.  I’m just going to chill with the AC on and maybe come up with more worthless garbage for you to waste your time reading.