a simple post

by Peter Marus

Well the World Cup is over for the US now.  They lost their last match and didn’t’ make it past the first round.  The team overall I thought did well, but playing in Europe is a problem, since it seems the refs tend to favor the other team no matter who the US is playing (look at the last game, and tell me that the calls the “world’s best ref” made were correct!)

On the bright side, the Mets are still kicking ass!!!  Just had to mention that.

Now for all the kiddies that read this (yes I’m only 27, but I feel like 47 sometimes, especially my ankle), I have something to tell you.  I had someone recently ask me how do I make things seem simple, or how does things seem so simple to me.  The reason is that I have learned in the past 27 years (but really applied what I have learned) that life it self is simple.  You get up in the morning, you do your thing, and then you go to sleep in the evening.  The only time life gets complicated is when you think it is complicated.  I find that if you over think anything (and yes I am still a victim of this-it’s human nature), that’s when stress comes into your life, and what is in front of you looks complicated.  Look it this way, I am considered one of the best employees at my job.  How did I get at this point? I just looked at what my responsibilities are, and just did them and stayed focused on the task.  In my mind I have the attitude of “I did what I was told to do, if they like what and how I did my job, cool, if not, then I have to do it a little better or different.”  See, simple, and this is how I look at all the tings in my life.  Nothing there to complicate it, and if something does come up, I just look at the “problem” and see what that I am doing now can be modified and over come the problem.

Sounds stupid? Then why is it when one looks for answers to a question or solution to a puzzle in their lives, does the simplest solution always end up being the right or most correct one.  Whenever there is a problem in my life, I just look at it and go “OK, what is the actual problem?” and then just sit calmly and realize that if I just do one thing or say the right words, the problem is solved.

Well that’s enough of my stupid mind working, maybe the Guru here will have something else for you to read in the future.