just some filler for the page

by Peter Marus

I’m bored so I figured I’d write something here:

Lot of things going on in my life, and my Ying-Yang thing once again came true (look elsewhere to see what I mean).  And boy did it come into affect!!!  Seems like all the positives going on in my life was a little too much, and one BIG negative event happened.  I don’t like what happened, but then again I am not shocked something did happen.  Oh well, Shit hit the fan, I got covered in it, and now it’s done.  I think I learned something out of it all, and that should make me a better person (but I’m still pissed beyond belief that the event that happened was THAT event).

FORZA ITALIA!!!!!  It’s a great day for me (well half of me, the other half can give a rat’s ass).  Italy beats a bunch of Frogs, and is champions of the world (the only world champs that matters BTW).  I was supposed to go to the Beer Garden in Astoria to see the game, but the place was PACKED by 11, so I couldn’t get in.  I got home in time to see the game, but I wish I was in the thick of a bar with Italian fans, they are always fun to hang with, second only to Scotland Fans.  It’s always to cool to se the Immigrant communities get behind their homeland (I’m talking about legit immigrants, not the ones who stumble over a fence and suck all the taxpayers $$$).  

And to those who bitch in the Daily News, the ONLY legit paper in NYC, about how these people should be flying the American flag with their countries flag….FUUUUUCK YOU!!!  God forbid someone has pride for the country their heritage is from, and they are proud of what their people have done.  Where the hell are you people when the Blacks come out with their “flags”? You NEVER show the American flag with their demonstrations, why not bitch at them?  You must be retarded to think that the people flying the Italian flag don’t respect this country and flag, 90% of them are Italian-AMERICAN, who are probably one of the most patriotic ethnic group in the country.  Who do you think along with the Irish built this city and Northeast US?  

Mets with 6 on the all-star roster when it was announced.....once again Mets beat the Yankees at something this season.  Funny part is I think 2 actually made it to the actual event!

The less said about Red Bull NY the better…and I paid for a whole season of this bullshit!!!  At least I have a place to hang on weekends and watch how this team may top the 99 Metrostars…considered the worst team ever.

OK I’m done, I got to get some rest.  Lata