some random things on my mind

by Peter Marus

Well I’m still here.  I’m not the one of the Queens people without power.  It’s a shame that in this day and age that there could be a power outage like this, and it’s over a week.  This all started when LaGuardia airport (which is on the same power grid) had problems, and Con Ed had to re-route power to them which led to rolling blackouts.  When they tried to restore full power to the neighborhoods, that’s when the shitstorm happened, and power is still not on in a lot of the areas.  I hope there are criminal charges out of this, since Con Ed has been really irresponsible when it comes to the info and assistance of the people.  There are calls to classify the area as a disaster area, which it should be.  I’m just glad I’m not in that area, which from pictures on the news looks like a scene from ”Escape from New York”, where all’s that’s missing is a mysterious guy in a trenchcoat and eye patch chasing Isaac Hayes in the streets!!!

How about that pissing contest in that plot of sand in the Middle East.  All I got to say is that everyone’s at fault, but Israel is taking it WAY to far invading Lebanon.  This all was bound to happen, it was one of those “everyone was LOOKING for a reason to fight”.  In the end, I hope Israel gets sanctioned and raked over the coals for what they have done.  There is no reason for them to attack Lebanon without the help of the Lebanese army.  I can go on about this, like pointing out all the things Israel has done to “protect” themselves is almost the same things the Nazis did in the 30’s, That Israel has a thing for disobeying the UN-but who doesn’t’- when it comes to their illegal discrimination and genocide of Arabs through their wall building and illegal searches and raids, etc. But I won’t now.  Not that the Arabs are all good people, but they have a reason for their actions since the 40s when the Jews walked in holding up an arbitrary book that claims the land is for them, then pushed the Arabs out or made them their servants.

My mind is all over the place, especially since what has happened the past month, but all that is settling, and I realize that the choice I made wasn’t a choice, but something I was FORCED to do, and I wont’ be the one regretting how things went.  I also learned that it’s ok to be selfish, and I don’t have to let people have their cake and eat it to when it comes to me.  It’s better to shove the cake up their ass and walk away, than give and give so one can have all that they want and you don’t’ get anything you want.

That’s it I’m out if here….