Moment of clarity, breaking down, or just a good day? I have no damn clue!!!

by Peter Marus

I’m just writing something quick that happened to me today and tonight. It may not sound odd, but I don’t care. First at work I had to set up a conference room with catering for 25 people. About 2 hours later, it still wasn’t touched and no one was in the room. This usually means the meeting was cancelled but not the order. So I start cleaning it up and putting the food and drinks into one of the pantries where the people on the floor can take the food if they want. Eventually a bunch of people from the floor come into the room (not for the original meeting, but people who knew I was cleaning it up), and took what they want. In the end I ended up with almost nothing to clean up. This usually doesn’t happen, but I’ll take it!!! Along with this I am moving what was ordered for the pantries into the pantries. I must have focused a lot on it, since when I was done, almost half the day was done!!! SO the rest of the day was me walking around and to make sure things are well stocked, but it seemed no one wanted to drink and coffee or teas since I didn’t have to touch anything after 3PM. Less work for me, more time to listen to XM, I am not crying!!!

I came home from work early today, and I did my usual change and eat dinner. I then go out for a drive (I was going to Bayside’s Barnes and Nobles looking for a book I have been wanting to read). I go to the store, but I don’t’ fine what I want, so after looking around for a bit at the magazines, I leave. As I am driving home, I don’t’ know what happened but I felt “different”. I felt no real worries or any stress about anything, and that everything was fine. I was also noticing how my car was just running right (after an oil change, my car always feels sweet), but I was driving just feeling at peace with things. This is something that’s not normal for me. I am usually feeling worried or stressed out about something in my life. Tonight though, with my car feeling good, the weather feeling ok, and just driving, every negative thing seemed to not be there, and I was just “there”. This I think is a good thing, but since I really haven’t felt this. I just let the feeling continue and my drive home felt peaceful and just cool.

I get home and I go into the basement to finish a project I started this week (taking my R/C truck and converting it to the newer version with the new parts for it). I found myself more focused to do this, and I almost got it completed, beyond some minor things to finish up. I had to stop only because my basement has no ventilation and I was sweating really bad. I look at the clock and two hours passed and it felt like 30 mins. After that I come up and start watching TV. IFC shows one of my favorite movies, “Pulp Fiction.” After a great movie I go to my room, turn on the AC, and start talking to someone on IM. The conversation was different compared to the ones we usually do, this one was sorta short and was about subjects we never really talked about, but was a good talk nonetheless. So now I am writing this, and I am ready to hit the sack.

This has been an unusual day, but in a good way. This could be the start of something new and better for me, or the start of a complete breakdown….either way it could break up the monotony in my life…