it's hot...but not as hot as me!!!!

by Peter Marus

Don’t mind this post, it’s written during the hot as balls weather in the city and the lack of sleep I’ve gotten the past couple days (Sunday night, only 4 hours, last night, I got about 6).  So id it seems even more incoherent, there you go.  I just wanted to put something up before I go to work and just simply update it.

In about 4 weeks I turn 28.  I still have to see if I can get my Birthday off.  I’m sure I can, but it just sucks that I won’t be paid for it.  I already am getting the question “so what do you want for your birthday?”  I have no clue what I want, but I will ask for something (but my dream gift is something that no one can get, it’s more of a luck thing.  I don’t know if I’m doing anything on my birthday or the weekend before it, but if I don’t do anything it wouldn’t shock me. That’s how I usually end up spending my birthday.

I just checked out my savings account and wow!!!  I’m really saving money!!  Now the only thing is not pissing it away on something.  I have to save up for some big expenses, like my Xm subscription and some other big bills, so I can’t just go blow it on something.