guick thought after 12+ hours of work

by Peter Marus

Couple quick things to get off my head:

Work was nuts today, don’t’ know why but it was just nuts.  People were acting odd, and it was like a full moon was out.  Whatever, it’s nothing major

I’ve been working on bettering myself, and trying to be more of a positive person.  Sp far it’s been tough, but nothing in life is easy.  I’ve been reading the book Pivot: How One Turn in Attitude can Lead to Success by Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman.  It’s a good read, and even if you don’t do the exercises he suggests (I do some of them), you do get a lot out of it.  This book helped me realize how much my attitude has led to me thinking my life sucked, but it reality it doesn’t.  This book has given me some confidence, but I still lock up talking to chicks and strangers sometimes, but I’m still better than where I was at and not doing anything.  Even if you don’t thing you need help, I think this book can help a little.  I’m not turning into some new-age jagoff, but I just found that sometimes all that positive crap can help you see that life doesn’t always suck, It’s just how you allow yourself to look at it.

That’s all I can put down now, but this was on my head today and I figured I’d write it now before I forget and go nuts trying to remember!