just a update to start the week off

by Peter Marus

Hey all,

Just writing to say what’s up.  I’ve been feeling fantastic lately.  I have nothing to worry about, and I really feel like my attitude has changed for the better.  I still have to get my confidence up, since I still shy away from some social situations, but hopefully I can change that.  I just did some exercises tonight, yoga to be exact, and I really feel good.  Tonight I chose to do the middle level workout, and it really kicked my ass!!  I was really sweating and getting into it.  The only big thing is I need to get myself to KEEP doing it!!  That’s my big problem, but that’s something I can change.

Tomorrow is a big day in America.  The new Madden game comes out!!!  It’s almost a national holiday at this point, and people actually take days off to play it when it first comes out.  Recently, the series has hit a bit of a lull, where it’s more of just updated rosters and no real gameplay innovation (or whatever they try doesn’t’ work out).  But this is going to be my first Madden game for the 360, and I hope it turns out to be awesome. Form the videos I’ve seen online and in previews look fantastic.  If the controls and the features in the game are halfway decent, it looks like a winner.  

I personally think that EA should offer an update every year for 360 owners (which has a hard drive), where they can download the new rosters and game updates for half the price of the full DVD (since the game you own has the basic codes and game, the update would work with it, so you only need “half” the game).  This is assuming EA doesn’t’ come out with a totally different game code every season, but seeing the past few games they put out, it seems like the basic codes aren’t different.

I guess that’s all I can think of writing tonight.