Madden 07-damn good game

by Peter Marus

Well I’ve been playing Madden 07 for the XBOX 360 and so far it’s a great game. First the detail is something I’ve never seen in a game! I cant’ describe everything, but the grass stays torn up during the season (or it’s discolored at the start of a game-like they relayed some sod). During the dame the weather changes sometimes, like in Seattle the fog/mist comes in and hazes the view a little. I could go on and on about the game, but all I can say is that if you have a 360, GET THIS GAME!!! I’m up for some HONEST games online if you are all interested. Look for my gamertag on XBOX live and drop me a note
That’s all I can think about writing tonight, just had that on my mind

Also notice on the sid of teh page I put my XBOX live gamertag. Now you can see what I played and what my repuation online is.